A videoclip for the first new single ‘De Dag Dat Richard Krajicek Wimbledon Won’ of the upcoming album from Spinvis.
A promotion video for ‘La Grande Fissa’, the afterparty of the Leiden International Film Festival 2018. Presented as cinema trailer during the festival.
GIF for the release of ‘Louis Couperus in Transit’ at Diligentia, The Hague.
Videoclip for ‘Hallo Maandag’ by Spinvis.
Promotion video for Spinvis tour 2017.
GIF for theater De Roma, Antwerp.
GIF for Spinvis tour 2018.
Trailer for Spinvis theater tour ‘Oogcontact van de eenzaamste soort’.
Stopmotion video for ‘Blinde Muur’ edition 2015, Chassé Breda.