Teaser – The Circle Of Truth

Nemo Vos & Spinvis

Wanderlöss 2021

Tinteltangel Hersenpan – Spinvis

Picasso – Spinvis


An animation made for the fresh and upcoming festival Wanderlöss. Due to Covid-19 the festival date has been moved to next year.

Intro Animation De Boom in! – De Kleine Komedie

De Dag Dat Richard Krajicek Wimbledon Won – Spinvis

Portfolio 2020

La Grande Fissa – Leiden International Film Festival

A promotion video for ‘La Grande Fissa’, the afterparty of the Leiden International Film Festival 2018. Presented as cinema trailer during the festival.

In Transit – Louis Couperus

GIF for the release of ‘Louis Couperus in Transit’ at Diligentia, The Hague.

Hallo Maandag – Spinvis

Gijzeling – Akke & Roel the Beat ft. Otte Selderbeek


Promotion video for Spinvis tour 2017.

De Roma

GIF for theater De Roma, Antwerp.


GIF for Spinvis tour 2018.

Oogcontact van de eenzaamste soort – Spinvis

Trailer for Spinvis theater tour ‘Oogcontact van de eenzaamste soort’.