King’s Day 2021

Due to Covid 19 the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European Union was unable to celebrate King’s Day in person.
In order to reflect on this Dutch National Holiday, they have the pleasure to invite you to this interactive cultural presentation.
An interactive email was designed where you can enjoy the work of five “diamonds” in Dutch design history: Royal Leerdam, Thed Konings, DRIFT Simone Post and Tim Dekkers. Visit Ambassade.Koningsdag-2021 to take a look.

Drie Wandelsprookjes

The upcoming festival Wanderlöss created it’s own fairy tale book ‘Drie Wandelsprookjes’ with stories that take places at the festival location in the south of Limburg. I did the graphic design. Written by A.H.J. Dautzenberg and illustrated by S.S. Lloyd Trumpstein.

Indie Academy

Indie Academy, a photobook about the young and upcoming indie bands from the Netherlands. Made in collaboration with Excelsior Recordings and fotographer Jorah Sarah.

The Day

Merchandise designs for a band called The Day. These will be printed on organic cotton unisex t-shirts and cotton bags, to be sold during their tours. Listen to them on Spotify!

Muntenroute Groenlo

These engraved bronze coins are part of a walking route in Groenlo. Tourists are since the summer of 2018 wandering trough the city and become more aware of the history of this town. This will be an expanding project, with every year some extra coins and new stories will be told.
For more info visit

Mijn Miranda

A graphic novel about an obsessed man. Story written by Tibor de Jong. Partly published in 2017 edition of Vite, Poison.

MIAT / Relaas

These drawings were made during the event Relaas at MIAT in Ghent. During this event writers told a true story to the public and i was there to make live drawings on stage. 2016


Vincent van Gogh 2015. Prototypes made for the flower parade in Zundert.